On 200th day of hunger strike by member of parliament Leyla Güven, together with ~7000 prisoners and others worldwide, for the breaking of political prisoner Öcalan's isolation...
Öcalan says "I expect…hunger strikes and death fasts, to come to an end…your intentions with regards to me have been realized".



After achieving their goal, prisoners end their hunger strike and allow the guards to take them to hospital among cheers of victory.

RT @Ozleme_Depe@twitter.com:
Biji berxwedana zindanan

Long live the resistance in prisons


After was achieved, the hunger strikes were also ended in the al-Jazeera and Euphrates areas of Rojava, cheering MP Leyla Güven on hunger strike longest at 200 days and prisoners that were on hunger strikes up to 162 days.

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