Defending the Right to Strike, under government assault in Sweden.

Gothenburg today, May 10:
50 yellow roses to [ruling] "Social Democrat" party – yellow is the color of betrayal.
Student strike and strikers meet at Järntorget [city square].

May 10 – today there have been strikes, at schools and unis, manifestations, occupations in a multitude of cities in defense of the right to strike.
Norrköping, Malmö, Stockholm, Borlänge, Lund, Gothenburg and Malmö have been in the streets.

Tomorrow we meet at in Stockholm noon to manifest our combined strength.

@b9AcE Thank Marx, I thought no one was fighting back, thank you!

@Artemis There have been several events, including one major day of demos and blockades in Stockholm.
Probably not going to get much coverage in major news-outlets, as events including large presence of anarchists tend to just magically "disappear", unless they can report on how bad it is. :-/

@b9AcE I know, we did a bit of awareness raising with our banner on May day but none of us had the time to do much else, what with Fridays being reserved for school strikes for the climate, and AFS being in town that week too, but thanks for the info, makes it feel a lot better, thanks!

@b9AcE That really helps, do you know if the law has passed yet or when it will be processed?

@Artemis The "Social Democrats" plan for the right to freely unionize and strike to be abolished latest on August 1, last I heard (
I believe the proposal is currently making its last round in various parliamentary committees and such, for tweaks, before being officially submitted for parliament's vote.

@b9AcE Oh fuck, well, I will see what I can do for organising UV across Sweden.

@Artemis Cool.
I live so far from anything, that all I can do after I was forced to move is attempt to distribute information, hoping it will enable others' actions... like this. :-)

@b9AcE Well, I seem to have gotten a response from Östergötlands District leader, so we will see if we can mobilise something.

@Artemis Excellent.
The more groups, the better, as a broader movement can't be rejected using the usual "just a few marginal extremists" nonsense... as easily. ;-/

@b9AcE Well, you know UV, revolutionary socialists with marxist and feminist leanings, but that is pretty much everyone on the revolutionary left who doesn't hate idpol.

@b9AcE And also, official youth group of a party in Parliament, that makes us harder to dismiss than fringe groups.

@Artemis Yep, I know them. Parliamentary party politics ain't for me, but cooperating with groups that have similar goals on specific issues is... ;-)

Like how the Anarcho-Syndicalist May Day demo in Stockholm usually has 3-5000 participants and usually is about same size or lager than the "Left Party" demo... but in spite of being sent press releases with time and location for at least over 10 years, major media has never included it in their listings of "all the events on May Day", a day originating from Anarcho-Syndicalism... like that? :-/
Me, bitter? Naah. :-D

@b9AcE I would recommend doing like they did in Umeå and just join the left party's parade, it causes the kind of controversy we want right now.

@Artemis Well, again, I was (economically) forced to move, so I'm not involved in organizing the Anarchist May Day morning demo which goes to the Anarcho-Syndicalist demo anymore.
Now, I just tell people what other people have done or will do.
So nowadays, I could march alone in a small town, or do that... which apparently was read by at least about half a million on May Day. I'm gonna guess the latter has more effect. ;-)

@b9AcE Well, keep writing and I will keep holding all these god forsaken speeches everyone keeps telling me to hold because I am apparently good at it.

@Artemis Heh, I know what that's like.
"OK, so who will hold the speech? Anyone? I mean... I can, but I do that so often and diversity is good, you know... anyone? Sigh, oh well..."

I wish you unexpectedly large amounts of success! ;-)

@b9AcE I am sure we could all do with that, I mean for gods sake, I held the 8th of March on, the first of May one, and now apparently the 24th of May international climate strike one.

@Artemis Caught in between striving for multitude, diversity, etc and respecting other people's right to not do things they are not comfortable with, etc.
Both extremely important, but sometimes conflicting. Tough spot.

@b9AcE Yeah, my current problem is that I kind of want to be nuclear power positive in my climate speech, but fucking everyone hates nuclear power for some reason!

@Artemis The Stockholm Anarchist May Day morning demo used to start at the La Mano Statue commemorating the volunteers to the Spanish Civil War, but since the Anarchists became too many and the "Social Democrat" and "Left Party" members there more and more frequently questioned "why are thee anarchists at a Spanish Civil War memorial?", I proposed we start at a larger square a bit away in uhmm, 2015 maybe.
Also, seemed odd to have to be commemorating together with people that apparently have a selective memory of those to be memorialized.

@b9AcE I get you, I mean I think the left wing party proper have been separating themselves from the left far too much.

@Artemis I think the "Left Party" is trying to pick up all the "left" that the "Social Democrat" party left as it is becoming increasingly conservative, but probably unintentionally thereby the "Left Party" too drifts towards what used to be the center and what used to be pretty mainstream "left" thus becomes "extreme" not because it changed, but because everything else did.

@b9AcE Yeah, I feel that to sometimes, main reason that I won't move up to the party proper, I mean the youth group is still a gang of antifa activists, Marxist-leninists and anarcho-communists, and a few other random leftist people who like revolutions.

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