Riots in Copenhagen's Nørrebro district after leader of hate-based extreme-right "Tight Course" (Stram Kurs) Rasmus Paludan, recently sentenced to 14 days in prison for racist propaganda, went there to propagandize on Blågårds Plads, but counter-protesters objected until Paludan got police escort out of there.
Video: BT

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"Demos" of the xenophobe "Tight Course" (Stram Kurs) have been banned in four city zones by Copenhagen's police until Wednesday, after their provocation "demo" where the Quran was thrown on the ground caused major riots, as they are considered a threat to public order.

Ban on "demos" extended to April 23 for extreme-right "Tight Course" (Stram Kurs) in some areas of Copenhagen, after their provocation lead to riotous protests.
"We don't think a short term ban was enough to ensure public order", said police chief.

@b9AcE Are those nazis walking around with batons? (around 0:10) Is that kind of stuff legal at demonstrations in Denmark?

@nutomic I'm as sure as I can be (without having seen IDs) that those are undercover cops. They look kind of similar to how cops dress as "undercover" to infiltrate demos in Sweden anyway.

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