Today, people in Turkey goes to the polls to choose thousands of new imprisonment targets for the AKP dictatorship.
Of 99 mayors elected from one opposition party alone the previous time, >80 were then imprisoned and replaced by unelected regime bureaucrats.

And so... it has begun.


Reportedly, the police chief of the Köprü Village in Diyarbakır's Bismil district forced villagers to vote openly, threatening "you can only vote for one. If needed, I will vote for you"

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MT [4h ago]:
The European delegation which arrived at Diyarbakır's Hani upon HDP’s invitation to follow the elections are being blocked by the police.
Sonia Helene Rosset and Noemi Colombo of Italian delegation were detained.
via/Mezopotamya Ajansı

MT [3h ago]:
It was detected that only 80 of the 350 voters as listed in the electoral list were allowed to vote in Giresun E-type Prison.
The prison governor was heard to say “I call the shots here, you can complain to whomever you want”

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For local live video coverage of the that are some of now extremely few NOT controlled by the AKP dictatorship, you can try
Jin TV (Women's TV):

Something some of you may like...
The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) is by all current numbers going to hold its first position as Mayor of a Province Capital with Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu in the city Dêrsim/Tunceli.

Many maps and lists didn't even bother to include them in their legends. :-D

Happy victorious communists in Dêrsim/Tunceli.
Video via

Truly astounding:

.16% difference in votes between & Istanbul mayor candidates with 98% of votes counted:

0.06% votes difference now, with 98.8% counted.

With 98.8% of votes for Istanbul counted, AKP's candidate declared victory while CHP's candidate was then in the official lead,
at which point the State-owned ruling-party propaganda agency AA stopped delivering vote counts...
...and then the electoral commission's (YSK) website went offline.

Seems the dictatorship's party doesn't like the idea of losing.

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police violence against election Show more

MT [BBC Turkey Correspondent]:
DHA [news agency], now owned by ally Demirören, says [CHP] has won with 48.8% to 's 48.48%...

@b9AcE i guess someone's head is stuck in the window of somehwere, it took more than an hour to count %1.2 left of the votes. They counted all of the rest in less than seven hours.

@policeinchains After their website had been down for a while, they said they wouldn't publish anymore numbers until they had been published in the Official Gazette, which I don't believe is normal practice.
I don't know if that has happened yet.

@policeinchains It is however normal practice for their website to go down just as controversial counts are nearing finish...
...and for there to be power-outages, bags full of valid votes found in the trash and videos of vote "counters" sitting in secluded rooms stamping a whole bunch of ballots of their own, so this is maybe... better? :-D

@b9AcE No, that didn't happen as far as i can remember either. The spokesperson of election comitee said it as if he was witholding the official results which is a standart procedure. But unoficial results from them would usually be given to parties and to media through them. They stopped this time at 98.8 for Istanbul. Weird because there are places with higher percentages whose unoficial results has been given to public.

@b9AcE my god. i complain about the usa having turned "fascist" but at least it's not that bad.

@bamfic Well, yes, it is at a different level.
Here's the town where the ruling AK Party made the most gains this time, from about 10% to now "winning",
after eradicating most of the town and replacing the population that was displaced with soldiers, voting there instead of where they should.

It can be good to compare with what's worse sometimes, to remind oneself of what to avoid...

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