I like talking to new people, so spoke to a lot with interesting ideas.

One group of ideas I've encountered in full from… I think 3 people is this:
Actually, earth is not flat, because it can't be, because... it is hollow and there are 2 known entrances to the inside, in Finland and on Iceland and from there, there are people controlling the mind-control-beams sent from the moon, which are then forwarded by military installations with huge antennae, which also control the weather and the tectonic plates.

The cool thing about knowing about that pile of nonsense, is when I've then encountered more people later starting to ask "Have you heard about [that]" and I'm not in the mood, I could to just drop other components of the craziness conglomerate myself and we could drop the subject and move on to reality again.

Sooo... that's a gift to you, now. ;-)

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