Look, I know some of my "life story" posts may seem… improbable to some, but think of it like this:
· My primary intent is to post things I see happening and for that I need high credibility, so I most certainly would not risk my credibility for some "funny stories", when I already have about a decade of credibility elsewhere (you can guess which for-profit bird-influenced site) so that some even told me they don't even read the articles I summarize, just trust my summary?
· If you look at those stories and the details mentioned, would anyone realistically be able to make those up with such detail (a common analysis method is to look for an unlikely level of detail for anything to be ficticious).

I don't know. THIS post would maybe be tha only indication of untruth, but then so be it. :-D
Trust whom you do, that is all of the trust.

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