When I went to kindergarten, I went by limo…
for some time, because a dad at that time was a limo driver, which went on to work for the Embassy of Nigeria and we went to their (excellent) Embassy parties. Makes following repression-news from Nigeria as adult kind of "yucky"-feeling, in retrospect.


Imagine a 5 or 6 year old anarcho-hippie-raised kid at a genuine African party dancing as if it was as free as at the northern-Sweden barn-dances, but there probably were like Ambassadors and shit too?
Yep, that's another part of my childhood.

@b9AcE genuinely the more i learn about you the more mysterious you become

@leora Actually laughed out loud. :-D
I... I'm sorry? ;-D
I have had an extraordinary life (but I don't speak much of the bad parts) and that is why I think sharing some of that (as long as they don't identify where I am now, due to poopheads) may be... I don't know, nice?

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