Just in case you were wondering,
the protests in Sudan are indeed still ongoing and seemingly as harshly repressed-
I just have a difficult time re-posting on that topic here, as most of what I see is in Arabic and I don't know that, so would have to rely on auto-translators and due to experiences with some (especially Kurdish and Turkish) languages, I can't trust auto-translation enough to put my name behind the result.... but it is.

@b9AcE Maybe you could find someone to help with translation? Or did you try google translate etc?

@nutomic It's specifically Google Translate that I use myself to translate what I see but don't trust because of experiences with those other languages that are so bad that one has to wonder if Google's acceptance of "crowd-translators" may be intentionally abused.
Some years ago, I would have felt as if I knew some of the sources well enough to ask for English translations, but we haven't spoken for several years now and I'm kind of shy in some regards, I suppose.
There were tweets of people being killed due to some police-fired tear-gas cannister today, as I understand it.

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