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No, anti-Zionism is not "anti-Jews".
Anyone trying to associate the one with the other tries to claim that all Jews are for and represented by a raacist-exclusionary State,
while there are plenty of anti-Zionist activist Jews.

@b9AcE this is true but there also is a big problem with antisemitism among a lot of antizionist circles in my opinion, and antisemites often use antizionism as a hide for their antisemitism. nmr for example often self identifies as antizionist. gentiles must be careful not to buy into antisemitism when organising or arguing against israel imo.

@leora Absolutely[infinite exclamation marks]!
That was kind of why I made that post.
I know from the blockades of the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm that many of them were actually Jews, because they were close friends of mine, some active in AFA (antifa) and all of those Anarchists.
I'm just... hesitant to mention "some of my friends are…" because that is a very tainted phrase, very unfortunately.
I do however know from my friends in Palestine, Palestinians, with very major accounts on birdsite, that this has been a very important for them too... that they are not anti-Jews or accepting of Nazism and consider the associations to those to in itself to be anti-Jewish, by associating racism with anti-Zionism.

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