Well, that's a super start of 2019...
Storm hits Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
For Sweden, a "Class 2" (of 3) warning has been issued for 8 districts, fallen trees have stopped trains, people are in general warned to stay at home and major ferries have been canceled.

Here's a video from SVT sowing the storm's projected path from Tuesday (today) to Wednesday.

Due to expected record-level waves of up to 7 meters tall, caused by the current ,
the huge "Viking Line" ferries between Finland, Åland and Sweden have now been halted.
The competitor "Tallink Silja" chose to leave that responsibility with the individual ferry captains.

Info: SVT

Poland-Sweden ferries have also been canceled due to the .

Just 10 minutes ago, the first storm gust hit the house I'm in.
It's an old-school log-house, but it's already shaking.
Happy 2019...

A "Class 2" (of 3) warning for the has now been extended to cover the entire County of Stockholm, as the storm has hit even harder than previously predicted, reported SR.

Gusts of wind up to hurricane speeds of 30m/s expected for the Sea of Åland in the Baltic Sea tonight.
The is expected to hit mainland Finland after midnight.
The storm has also brought snowfall and has made thousands lose electricity already.

Latest report says 20265 "customers" (e.g. households) have lost electricity in Finland alone, during so far, before the main storm has even hit..
Seen no collected info from Sweden, but the reports of areas losing electricity keep streaming in from local media.

The "Class 2" warning (of 3) for the has just now been extended to also cover the entire Uppsala County, just north of Stockholm County which previously had the same class warning declared for its entirety.

32626 "customers" (e.g. households) are without electricity in Finland right this minute.

With about one hour left until really hits Finland, 43444 "customers" (e.g. households) are without electricity already right this minute.
A train in Finland ran into a tree, but apparently nobody was hurt, just had to continue by bus.

There are several tens of reports of cars having run into fallen trees or other accidents related to the storm around in Sweden.
Several regional news-outlets report "thousands" without electricity in their particular regions in Sweden.

As the approximate time of actually reaching Finland, there are 49240 "customers" (e.g. entire households) without electricity there right this minute.

It's gonna be a cold night for a lot of people depending on electricity for heating in a winter storm.

Well, that's... remarkable.
The official page that reports power outages in Finland is... out.

The page is there, but the map is empty and the box that held the text/numbers just had the static texts "Power outages now: Updated seconds ago".

At least 29000 households are without electricity after midnight in Sweden following .
A high-rise building's roof blew off in Fagersta in mid-Sweden and people are warned that more roofs may be tumbling around in the wind.

Last I saw, the amount of "customers" (of which would be entire households) without electricity in Finland was around 70000, then the webpage failed.

Peak power-outages >100000 for in Sweden, a few hours ago down to 77000.
In Finland ~60000 minutes ago.
Skutskär Pulp Mill can't burn its foul gases.
14 meter waves on Bothnian Sea, with 7.9m average (new record).
Wind peaks: gust 41.6m/s and 32.5m/s 10 min average.

Here is a bit of video from the first crossing after halting for the storm of the car ferry between Nagu and Korpo in Finland,
by passenger Peter Rikberg, via YLE.

Göran on Värmdö near Stockholm heard thuds during the night.
When going out to walk the dog in the morning, this was on top of his house, reported SVT.

Updated info on says there were averaged winds of 32.5m/s and gusts up to 42.6m/s at Bogskär, Åland, Finland, making it the strongest on record in Finland, says the news agency SPT via TT.

Last info I saw said 55000 "customers" (e.g. whole households) were still without electricity in Sweden and they "doubt" it will all be fixed tomorrow.
Gotta be mighty cold in some of hose homes by now.

It's kinda weird that a winter storm that in just two of several hit countries peaked a total of 220000 "cusromers" losing electricity (where one "customer" is often an entire household) and resulted in record level waves as well as being strongest storm on record for a country... Reuters and AP seems to have done 0(?) reporting.

About 38000 households this morning still lack electricity after in Sweden hit night to yesterday. To let freezing residents heat up, 5 fire stations opened to the public in Norrtälje north of Stockholm and 10 on Gotland. Gotland lacks mobile telephony.
In Finland it's 14190 households, where it's -32.2°C in the north.

Over 23000 households still lacked electricity this morning after in Sweden night of Jan 1.
Prognosis for restoration is up to Jan 10 for some places.

In Finland it's down to 7824 the minute of writing.
One man on Åland died during restoration work Wednesday evening.

b9AcE 🐊

Near two weeks later, almost 8000 households still lack electricity after the multi-record-breaking in Sweden. The restoration was further delayed by severe snowing 2 days after the storm, then more storm yesterday.

The State's power grid operator now estimates everyone should have their electricity back on January 25, leaving many during the deepest of winter without electricity required for heating and cooking for nearly a month,
some of which are archipelago residents that are due to frozen sea prevented from reasonable access to the opened emergency warmth providers such as fire stations and public baths.

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