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RT @TA_Anarsist@twitter.com ["Tekoşîna Anarşîst/Anarchist Struggle", January 10]:
"Today, we, a militant anarchist collective, announce our presence in Rojava and our participation in the newly reformulated International Freedom Battalion. Tekosina Anarsist (Anarchist Struggle) was formed in Rojava in the Autumn of 2017..."

MT @TA_Anarsist@twitter.com ["Tekoşîna Anarşîst/Anarchist Struggle", January 11/12, three posts merged]:
We have been active in the final push against ISIS. TA has been attaching to a local YPG unit and doing rotations with them to the front. Tomorrow another group of our hevals will again go to DeirZor. We wish them the best of luck! Serkeftin!
First photo, TA members after engaging daesh for 4 hours during a failed daesh counter-offensive. Second, TA member sits on satir during a separate rotation.
We maintain our own structure and base when not at the front. However, we have a good relationship with a local YPG harame unit that we've been attaching to and going to the front with.

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