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The local Public Service radio for the Stockholm region held a competition for "most beautiful winter picture of the county".
They chose five contributions for the final public vote.
Here are four of those (because Mastodon doesn't allow more than 4, I skipped the black-and-white picture).

My translations of the official captions:
· "Slussen during the first snow of Stockholm winter 2018/19 (the picture is somewhat cropped)", by Tyronne Hulthén ["Slussen" is "The Sluice" in Swedish and refers to a system of very old water locks between South-Central and Old Town Stockholm, undergoing huge reconstruction].
· "Helena's grandchild feeds birds for the first time", by Helen Liljeblad.
· "The son Melker rides together with the bonus-son Edvin, by Pelle Avelin.
· "Frozen bench during promenade at the pier in Nynäshamn (the picture is cropped)", by Kristian Slotte.

Picture one won.

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