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You know, another proof of the inefficiency of Capitalism my be when one has had to import the boxes of a TV-series from Australia to Europe via Japan, because it's not sold in Europe,
then when you've lost the boxes and want to watch it again, you have to wrestle with open proxies just to access geo-blocked streaming that's freely available to stream in Australia... of something that still isn't even available for capital where you're trying to watch it.
Soooo effecient, right?

Yeah, I'm actually compiling a sample of some of my favorite scenes from the show in question, which is also one of my favorite shows, just for you here on Mastodon/GNUsocial... if I can just get enough through the open proxies. Live in hope!

Well, OK, I couldn't help myself...
here's another preview of the favorite scenes I am currently struggling to create a compilations from, of one of my favorite shows of for you on Mastodon/GNUsocial.

I co-sign everything the character Miranda describes in this scene.

Yeah, I'm still compiling highlights of one of my favorite shows while struggling with Australian open proxies to create a HD-sample of my favorite scenes for you here on Mastodon/GNUsocial.

It's taking a while since transferring 2GB per episode at speeds averaging around 50kB/s and very frequent disconnects... takes a while.
In case you were wondering why I'm not posting so much recently, that's what I'm doing.

@b9AcE "intellectual property" makes everything so efficient
Seriously, those corporations are like people on life support in hospitals

Reminds me of when I was tipped of a video that Public Service TV of Finland had on the storm that broke records in both Finland and Sweden, but... geo-blocked to Finland only, because... why?
Made by a Public Service company, so doesn't even get paid per click, but wasn't allowed to get streamed to Sweden, which has a centurions long "minority" population that are Swedish-Finns, due to Sweden's imperialist conquest of "the Grand Duchy of Finland", which also has large areas resultingly as major Swedish-speaking.
What's the damn point of geo-blocking major news that isn't e̲v̲e̲n̲ profit generating?

Can't think of anything except just habit.
Knowledge is profit-potential, so just shut it off on the default thought-model of might be money to be had off people wanting to know what's happening to their secondary or even primary homes.

...or so very MANY articles I've seen recent years with titles like "Here are the Nazis in your County", which they then paywall.
They thus turn what would have been a service to the community, like knowing in one case that a municipal social worker was an organized Nazi in a militant revolutionary group into "hey, pay us and maybe you won''t be telling someone we know to be a Nazi the reasons they'd add you to their extermination-list".
Fortunately, their source for that case was AFA (antifa) which of course published the information freely, because it's a matter of life and death, not profit.

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