Hunger strike for Öcalan announced by and an invitation to press conference for the hunger strike.
My translations:

b9AcE 🐊

RT [Kurdish Democratic Social Centre, Sweden, ~20h ago]:
The hunger strike has now begun in Stockholm. The people entered the Sankt Klara Church at noon but are now on their way to Sergelstorg where they will continue their strike.

Berlin, Athens, London, Marseille, Limassol, Vienna, Cologne, Stuttgart...
Hunger strike actions spread all over Europe, supporting the hunger strike of parliamentarian Leyla Güven for

MT [Kurdish social centre, Sweden, ~1h ago]:
The hunger strike continues in Stockholm, today at the Kurdish culture center at Fridhemsplan. Tomorrow and during the rest of the strike they Will be at Odenplan, Karlbergsvägen 14, 113 27 Stockholm.
Please give a voice to and everyone else that are participating.

RT [~4h ago, hunger striking Kurdish social centre]:
Right now at Odenplan in Stockholm

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