About 20 years ago, when I had just been so burnt out by work and earlier life that I couldn't even be bothered to breathe until I fainted, I came up with an idea I wished existed:

A "wall" website where people could just scribble their thoughts no matter how deep or light, while only knowing it's POSSIBLE that someone sees it, but not expecting any result whatsoever.
I felt it would help people that needed an outlet but had none appropriate.

About 10 years later, I tried the concept "microblogging" as a tool to help improve the world,
which has now developed into asocial networks and there we are, my "wall" is real, here.

I was wrong.
I don't like spending hours writing about what's the most urgent in the world to me because I hope to see results, to then just see it drift off into silence.

@b9AcE Hey, I love reading your stories. You've had such interesting experiences that I can only hope to have in the future. Your tips are definitely going to come in handy one day. I know it seems like sometimes there's only silence out there but that doesn't mean someone isn't listening.

@Mailliw Hi. I'm glad you love them and hope my sharing experiences can help anyone else.

I still feel it very frustrating to spend several hours at gathering info, correcting errors, editing videos, etc, etc just for a single post, then do that several times in a day and see maybe even one single reaction in any way to all of that throughout an entire day, especially when the entire point was forwarding a call for action (the visual impairment doesn't help :-/).
I'm sure you understand...

Still: Thanks! :-)

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