For a couple of days I have been evaluating where I will go and where I will recommend others to go once Firefox migrates to becoming a watered down version of Chrome (and Cyberfox' last release becomes outdated).

Main contenders have been:
· Iridium
· Brave
· SRWare Iron
· Waterfox
· Pale Moon
· Comodo Dragon/IceDragon

I will go with Pale Moon (
Seems to me it is more customizable, long term viable, open, etc... (or just less broken by design) than the alternatives.

Pale Moon forked from Firefox when it was excellent and is maintained completely separately, while sometimes merging whatever new good coming from Firefox.
It will keep the old XUL, etc engine so near all your add-ons being killed by Firefox' migration to WebExtensions (example: will continue working.
It also forked the Gecko engine into Goanna years ago, so Mozilla's self-harm won't harm Pale Moon.

Now I've created a list of which add-ons I use with Pale Moon, with brief descriptions of what they do and why I use them:

Similar to, but replaces, my previous equivalent for Firefox (

Please do forward the info to others if you find it useful and/or you think others might find it useful.

b9AcE 🐊

Similar to the infamous acts of historically extreme dictators and the worst religious zealots, Mozilla Corporation now pretends no Firefox-plugins even existed before switching to a watered down version of the less open technology of its largest competitor (paradoxically also AFAIK largest revenue source) in Google Chrome's "WebExtensions" (e.g. no longer exists, after having been an officially "Featured Add-On" and one of the most popular of all) and even burned the past of the extensions that managed to jump back on to the self-sunk ship (e.g. now starts at 1.6, the first after converting to "WebExtensions").

I added a comment to my recently revised recommendations for using the Pale Moon browser as a replacement for the Firefox now nerfed by the central committee's decree, that some may find useful:

@b9AcE There already exist an archive of XUL extensions here:

However, I'd steer towards using Waterfox for a more recent revision of Firefox, as Waterfox supports both WebExtension and XUL.

@katnjia Thank you. I did mention that option in my GitHub gist comment that I linked to here, just mentioned that I had not verified it (as I can't verify the entire content ;-)).

I did evaluate all browsers that I thought feasible alternatives (including Waterfox) when Mozilla announced their extensions-change and at that time I settled on Pale Moon myself, but mentioned the other options too.
So far I have not found any reason to redo the evaluation, but I will remember your recommendation if I do later.

@b9AcE seems a little melodramatic. That said, not keeping the pages just as archive and marking them as no longer compatible would have been much better..

As i've noted, i worry firefox is phoning home with things it shouldn't be..

Telemetry was off.. could check again... probably nice if had more proper observation of network activity.. Always find it hard to figure what's what..

@jasper Well, some of those connections MAY have been it updating its lists of e.g. "dangerous sites" and revoked certificates, but... probably also things like how many tabs you have open, what add-ons you use and even more privacy-invasive stuff.
Other, more reasonable browser-projects often tend to have among the top listed features explicitly that they removed (or never created) such invasive functions.

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