I don't like being this disappointed with us humans.
It was much nicer back in 2008-2013 as an example when the world was near constantly filled with us surprisingly progressing and at a surprising speed or things that would likely cause us to progress later.,
then came a lull where I thought that "Oh well, we made unexpected progress, people need rest, it'll resume",
but then there was 2016 and now humankind is feeding itself to destructive forces at a more grand scale than literally in generations.

There are pockets of hope and reistance,
but it is as if those I would have hoped to be invigorated by those strive to look away instead.

I recall how after UK Uncut, Occupy Madison, Gaza Youth Speaks Out, the MENA-revolts (wrongly labeled "Arab Spring") starting, etc, etc and it finally came to Occupy where I was first aiding NYC's Occupy remotely then was "on the ground" at Occupy Stockholm,
we ended one of our General Assemblies by talking each getting to share our thoughts on currents events (me "I didn't think I'd see this, just spend my life preparing for future generations to be able to do this") and at about half-way, with participants from... I think 8 countries, most were crying, not from despair but from hope and joy.

One participant later told us of its friends having gone as volunteers to fight Franco and that this... this was a greater hope, for being global.

Now... Now, we've moved incomprehensibly far back.

@b9AcE another wave is coming. the hiatus is to learn what went wrong in the last. there is a kind of compression of the space due to the increasing connectivity and bandwidth, we have to learn as much as we can to maximise the efficacy of the next wave.


@xeb Oh, I know.
It's always a wave and a counter-wave until either one gets past a wave-breaker to get a phase of semi-permanence.
We didn't get past that level the previous time,
but another of my philosophical core beliefs is that "everything ends, the only question is what comes after", so our task now is back to preparing for the next wave after this counter-wave and have levees ready to shore up the wave-breakers of freedom against the reaction.
I'm genuinely fine with it being after mt life, just... it was going so well.

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