Google these days, LOL.

I search:
antonyms [word]
It suggests I meant "synonyms [word]",
so just to make sure, I go:
"antonyms" [word]
That should make it search for exactly what I actually wanted, without any incorrect fuzzing...
but, no.
It still gives me a huge box of synonyms followed by links to synonym-lists.
"Thanks". :-/

You are now a... what is the antonym for a "search engine"? A "bing"?

Mastodon-instances really, really should start including a search-engine at least for all toots originating locally.

Using external search-engines often works (like when I give ' "b9AcE" "[word or phrase in a previous toot"' to Google)
but it is remarkable how often it has just absolutely no idea what I'm speaking of, even though I am very certain that the word or phrase was in a post I made and didn't delete (like my post on missing the days of HotBot and AltaVista, because Google is performing so poorly).

@b9AcE it is surprising that apparently search engines are still stupid enough to look for key words in the _menus_ of pages..

At least it seems so. Search engines don't know about "articles", "accounts" or "comments".

@jasper Oh yes, I have had that problem vert often when searching.
I'll search for '[something] "linux"' (to make sure it MUST include the word "linux") for example and search engines cheerily give back top results that are not at all about "linux", but the page has a menu to go to the site's Linux-section, which of course has nothing on the requested topic.

Also several cases where the results do not include any of the "verbatim this term"-qualifiers at all, even with <ctrl>+f on the page or when I was checking even deeper... not even in the HTML source files.
I'm guessing that's just some aggressively obnoxious "search engine optimization"-consultants at work. :-/

@b9AcE full-text search is an optional feature for Mastodon, but some instance admins prefer not to enable it due to its high resource usage.

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