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The weird conflict of worrying that it feels like the instance may go away,
while also considering just giving up on the general inactivism at Mastodon/GNUsocial altogether and deleting the account,
which would make the first worry pointless...
Yeah, Mastodon's web-UI describes that feeling well:

So, yeah, as things stand right now,
I'm done with all disactive "social media" as of now and indefinitely.

My main purpose for over a decade was to share important news that others and I had found,
but as that has here and recently before elsewhere devolved into me mumbling myself to a heart attack while struggling though increasing blindness to find unreported emergencies,
it's not fucking worth it.
t's not what it was and it's now pointless.

Go ahead requipping/boosting/whatevering your mutual group-feelgoodiness and cat-pics,
while we all burn together.
Especially you that only appear to demand CW-tags, but ignore everything that is CW-tagged. You're literally worse than twitter-trolls.
No, it's fine. It's fine. It's f…

@b9AcE "asking for CW tags on distressing media is trolling" dude this is a bad take.

@b9AcE @Pyretta I don't think the meaning was that CW is trolling:

If I understood it correctly it means that asking for disturbing content to be CW'd but then not paying attention to any content that was CW'd will defang said content to the point of making it pointless to use CW in the first place, if your intention was to raise awareness about the thing you were posting about.

@polychrome @b9AcE on the other hand that's it working as intended because people who don't want to see it arent. Don't be so entitled as to think you have the right to shove triggering material in people's faces for petty engagement.

@polychrome Well yes, as you probably noticed, the sentence "quoted" back at me was not actually mine, because I would not have said since it wasn't and isn't my opinion.
Indeed, my intent was more like what you describe, people that only pop in to demand others CW-tag (where the poster have a different opinion) but without any other interaction ever, on the CW-tagged posts as well.
Also, there is a difference between "demanding" as I intentionally used and "asking for", asking for any kind of change is fine really, while demanding others post to your desires on their own accounts without @-mentions to you... is extremely rarely OK.
So yes, what you said. ;-)

@b9AcE @polychrome You are just another white guy activist troll, people do not have the emotional energy to have politics shoved in their face 24/7 by people like you when they have their own struggles already, like queer folks and disabled folks and people of colour and jewish folks. Please respect people who ask for content warnings because they have a reason for asking and stop treating them like trolls for wanting to preserve their own sanity.

@Pyretta Again, none of that was what I said, because it was not and is not my opinion.
Clearly this conversation has devolved into your just flinging abuse at me for having an onion that I did not force you to read and further exchange is not in any way constructive,
so it is now over.

Your abuse also ruined what until then was seeming like a reasonable day, which is rare with my condition.

@b9AcE @polychrome The reason people ask for content warnings on your political posts is because they don't want them shoved in their faces. But you're just another dude who thinks it's SUPER IMPORTANT you shove your shit in everyone's face whether or not they like it, and that's why you refuse to use content warnings, I get it. Fuck off and die.

@Pyretta You can't just write your entirely own sentence and attribute your own words to someone else. I did not write that sentence, because that was not what I meant.
If you are unclear about what someone meant, you can ask them for a clarification, but you can't assign them opinions that they do not have. That's a quite nasty domination technique.

Thank you for displaying behavior that helped me cement my decision.

@b9AcE Look, fuck right off. The people asking for CWs on your politics already have their own struggles for survival. They don't need you shoving more bad news in their faces. They, unlike you, don't have the emotional energy to waste on every scrap of bad news. They are already struggling, they don't need this.

@b9AcE Literally worse than Twitter trolls. People sharing cat pics are driving you into a heart attack. Gosh. Maybe take yourself just a fraction less seriously for a second babes. We're all burning and doomed. We know. We don't have to sit in that doom all the time, we can't, or we will all be burnt out and no use to anyone. You're not the sole saviour of mankind. Take a break from the narrative, prioritize your health. Look after yourself.

@mxsiege I am really confused as to the intent of your reply,
so I will just choose to interpret is kind well wishes and say thank you.
Thank you!

@b9AcE oki cool. Take care of yourself lovely. Hope your health picks up.

@mxsiege Thanks! :-) It's currently incurable, but as long as there is life, there is hope...
Best of wishes to you too!

@b9AcE same shit different people. Don't lose hope though, I appreciate your toots. I'm not there average user here and I don't think you are either. I'm gonna keep tooting though and so should you!

@b9AcE I also feel i see too little signs of activism.

People may have their own struggles for survival like @Pyretta says, but climate change particular probably _is_ a struggle for survival for them aswel, just a longer term one..

Similarly hear people say it is impractical for people to make more personal contacts.. It is hard to estimate personal situations, think in reality many of these people can infact make more contacts.. Including myself..

Even though, to be honest, some personal problems are a constant drain on my motivation and energy.

@b9AcE we really need strong action on climate change. We've got to think about this Climate Strike thing.

I am a fan of we've gotta think about industrial processes and how they can use less/cleaner energy. Direct energy use avoiding conversions is often better. Been looking at iron particularly...

Moving industries to better locations, sometimes too.

@jasper Again, the behavior I objected to was very specifically to "demand" CW-tags, not "ask" or even "request".

I have never objected to requesting/asking for any modifications and have even explicitly made several calls for people to please point out when they feel CW-tagging was appropriate where I hadn't used them... but that is NOT the same as d̲e̲m̲a̲n̲d̲i̲n̲g̲ people make every post entirely according to someone else's dictates.

I wrote the contested sentence very specifically to mean exactly what I intended and nothing else, so to then assign me an entirely different opinion to what I wrote and even as a false quote, which I would never have written... even after the discrepancy was pointed out, that is just unacceptable behavior, in any context by anyone.

@jasper Then of course I would personally think it also unacceptable to assign others a (in this case incorrect) sexuality without any knowledge of what it actually is, to then use that fabulation as basis for several subtoots smearing a person... but that is something others may find to be just fine.
I decided to just block everyone that took part in that behavior without objecting and therefore apparently thought it fine,
because such behavior is in my opinion seriously toxic and I have had... well, let's say when I started telling a doctor about abuse in my early life, the doctor started crying.
I don't need such abusive people in my life.

I totally agree with everything you said, and I also agree that we are not caring enough about the only world we have.
Don't get pissed off by trolls, just block them and move one.
Whoever demands instead of asking can go straight into the Blocklist ;)
(and thanks for all your good work 💜)

@ciaby Thanks for all of that! <3

I nevertheless feel like I need to have a break, but it's possible that I return.
When doing something becomes a constant source of ire, it's best to stop, whether permanently or temporarily...
The probability of my return is involuntarily increased by my simply not having anything else to do where I now live hundreds of kilometers from everything I used to do offline and all my friends. ;-/

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