Here's a reminder that posts having "content warning"-tags is not to warn you against forwarding the post, but its opposite,
to enable you to freely forward posts without having to warn your followers or otherwise consider that that the content may cause distress... because they come with the appropriate warnings.

It's to enable MORE forwarding, not as now is my absolute experience, extremely much less.

If "content warning" remains a de facto "ignore this post"-tag, that will very likely lead to people, especially new users, doing what they can to avoid using them or simply just disregarding their use completely, so the entire feature undergoes dystrophy from lack of use until it stops existing.
That seems bad to me.


Same here

Content warnings are picking who reads it, for interested parties only

It gets a direct line to the focused subject with the people that will want to speak on it

@b9AcE allow adding CWs to boosts IMO. allow to add them after posting, too

@eel Yep, I've thought of both those ideas myself, so I definitely agree.

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