@href Hmm... Have you tried booting some other OS on a LiveUSB or similar, to check if it's the OS or an actual 100% hardware problem for example?

@b9AcE it's a sorta new Ryzen based laptop, so I'm pretty sure it's related to freebsd :)

Windows seems to boot fine, Cortana scared me by saying hello

I'll try with 11.2-RELEASE and 13-CURRENT and if no luck at all I'll use a Linux in the meantime


@href I don't think I've used FreeBSD more than 30 minutes total in my life, so I can't say much about those.
I've been an OpenBSD (and actual BSD) user.

Not unlikely that there's some new CPU/motherboard technology that the kernel has no idea what it is, I think.
Like when I got my first computer with NVMe and GRUB just completely refused to consider the concept that /dev/nvme0n1p1 could be a thing. :-/
Works now though.

You have checked that "SecureBoot" (or similar) is off?

@b9AcE Yeah I turned off SecureBoot, & tried with different BIOS (UEFI, UEFI CSM, Legacy) settings, always the same problem with ACPI

So definitely a newest tech not correctly managed in freebsd yet :)

Tried with -RELEASE and it's the same, so .. I'll try a Linux now

@href Maybe you can give the FreeBSD kernel some boot option to make it more verbose, so you can see more detail of what it's hanging at?
I, again, don't know about FreeBSD, but I know both OpenBSD and of course Linux has the possibility of passing such "commandline options" to the kernel from the bootloader.

@b9AcE Already did, it's freezing when initializing the ACPI stuff. i'll go to the freebsd mailings lists :)

@href Aight. Probably you'll just have to live with some other OS for a few weeks or so.
That's the price of living on "the bleeding edge". ;-P

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