b9AcE 🐊

Wellp, milestone achieved I suppose:
Today, the hospital gave me one of those white canes for blind people (the "identification cane" model).
Maybe the superpowers will start developing soon, so I can become DareDevil

@b9AcE I've got half my field of view missing (namely the outer half, I have Cortical Visual Impairment which means no peripheral) and research I participated in recently got it categorised as a sight disorder, i really should apply for a white cane if only because it means I won't get crowded and surprised by people walking past me within inches or being right behind me,

@Pyretta Yeah, they explained to me today at the hospital that that is the point of those identification cane models of the white canes, to signal to others that there is visual impairment.
Sounds like a good thing to have as an option to deploy when needed anyway.

My eyesight loss thingie is like the opposite to yours then, that I've got a central spot with extreme loss, but the peripheral is unaffected.

@b9AcE I have perfect 20/20 in a tiny circle in the middle of my sight, then it slowly fades in level of detail to nothing. If I make eye contact with someone it's apparently terrifying because it's completely unflinching and it feels like I'm staring into your soul.

@Pyretta Yeah, that's the opposite of me.
When I talk to people and I look at their face-area, I don't see any more details than "yeah, there's something within the color-range of humans' skins there", but there are now many people I've only met after this started happening that I literally don't know what their faces look like. :-/

@b9AcE Do you look at people out of the corner of your vision a lot? Like, the part that works enough to see their face in some detail.

@Pyretta No, I have so far either explained that I can't see them properly anyway so therefore I will look clearly elsewhere, then done that...
or I just emulate my previous behavior and try to guess what facial expressions and such I should respond to based on their voice.

Looking near but not quite at their faces, I've felt might be the most confusing to them... just from my experience of people with skewed eyes (mostly then not being sure which I is their main one, so the one I should respond to).

@b9AcE Might be worth trying with close friends whom you can trust.

@Pyretta Yeah... unfortunately I now live hundreds of kilometers from all my friends, so that's too far for me to see them. ;-/
I'll keep it in mind for the future though. Good idea!

@b9AcE I generally avoid eye contact for reasons of I'm Autistic and it makes me uncomfy and people close to me generally understand.

@Pyretta Friends that don't understand our differences, in general don't feel to me like they're valuing the friendship enough to make it worth my (or their) effort.

@b9AcE I know this is a disability conversation but that's also a big trans mood. People need to put effort into accomodating their friends, it's a mutual effort.

@Pyretta If people can't respect how other people are different from them, in whatever way that may be, then that is their own shortcoming and an obstacle to themself more than anyone else, I think.
Every other person only loses that one person as a potential real friend, but they lose... nearly or actually everyone as potential real friends.

Differences are a crucial component to why and how humankind survived when other hominids didn't,
so being unable to handle differences in others properly is a rather severe obstacle in itself, I think.

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