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13:37 minutes of excellent thoughts expressed by Utah Phillips.
I merged 5 of my favorite tracks from various albums for you.

Statism by definition requires violence to exist and always ultimately strives to protect its abstract self above all else and others though that violence, its entire system and structures centered around its exercise of violence.

Anarchism by definition strives to as an end goal abolish all use of violence, as violence in itself constitutes imposition without legitimate consent of power over those with less violence will or capacity and as a part of that abolition must abolish the States.

The violent deaths caused by States are uncountable but undeniably easily in the range of billions...
yet, in schools and major media, it is the Anarchists that are portrayed as "violent".
Surely that must be considered some form of violent contortion of reality and logic.

...well, I mean... those were my spontaneous thoughts right now.
I only suggest them to you, without authority to impose them on you. ;-P

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