this is how I install DDR4 memory in a DDR3 slot

Well I have to clean up my room, let's start by packing these CPUs in a box

"We're Dell, we know what we're doing"

this is what Google's servers disk drives look like after some usage

This is one of nastiest thing I ever saw

It involves an hard disk drive and a Macintosh


@mrtino @aral :-D That reminded me of a UNIX-helpdesk I worked for years ago, where we had a customer call in complaining that their SUN SPARCstation was performing badly, but we had to shout on the phone because "seems there's a construction site in my corridor that keeps using an angle grinder all day this week".
When our support-technician arrived, it turned out… there was no construction site.
That was the sound of the hard drive.
It was really, really struggling to perform at all.

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