b9AcE 🐊

How to NOT handle privacy:
Huffington Post throws this at new visitors,
giving the appearance of freedom to choose privacy or to become a commodity,
a choice that as far as I can tell doesn't actually exist...
but I know most people won't read through all that.

I was evaluating ending my old labor-exploitation boycott because a headline seemed like they had important content.
After this? Absolutely not. Boycott more firm than ever.


HuffPO kings of Fake news click bait and spam, malware links... Lol the left is pretty invaded by CIA democrat demublican centrist warmonger gloria steinem spooks and minions

@QuantumHemp Their founding concept was to create nothing but to copy everything and take the income others possibly smaller sources would have needed to have local journalism survive, to instead convert that toHuffPo's own profit, for doing <ctrl>+c → <ctrl>+v.
Only after many years did they even start doing any original content, at which time they had fired most initial employees that had accepted lower wages on the promise that they would be compensated later, so that promise was converted into stock-value profit for Arianna Huffington instead.

I found this exact same thing on a site the other day. I forget the site. Absolute douchebags in my opinion.

@david Kind of like asking people on arrival, "What would you like for dinner?", presenting them with a menu full of appealing food and drink options, so people start setting their minds on what they want or not, only… in the end they get served hardtack with water, no matter what.
In that scenario, I'd rather have the hardtack thrown in my face to begin with.

These websites should just have a pop-over on arrival stating "abandon hope, all ye who enter here, all your privacy are belong to us!".

@fadelkon Thanks! I should have thought of that myself… but I didn't.

@b9AcE I'm curious, is this how your photo looks on your end? I zoomed in as much as I could. equestria.social/media/KKQ5VId

@calamari That looks significantly more blurry than it should.

Only the part to the farthest right of the collage should be unreadable, because to create that part I had to zoom out the webpage the most that Pale Moon browser allowed(unreadable), then still had to do two screenshots and paste them together... but that also kind of illustrated the point: way too much text for anyone to be expected to read.

My point wasn't that everyone should read the text of all those screenshots however, but rather that they created a confusing mess with an overwhelming wall of text, that as far as I could tell still didn't actually do anything.

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