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Around mid-summer 2017 I experienced a sudden and rapid loss of eyesight, so that I a year later could not tell how many fingers the doctor was holding up at arm-length distance.

Please don't be disappointed if I don't follow your account even if what you post is obviously in line with my interests. I simply can't follow all the accounts I previously would have or they all become useless. As for pure "follow-back", I never ever did that.

I always welcomed tips for content others thought I might have use for, as long as you allow me to find that not the case... without having to justify it.

I may not see messages you send me and that may not be malice. ;-P

Just outside the left of one of these shots (probably the second) of Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" is me atop my mother's shoulders, after having ruined several takes as a 5 year old extra for staring into the camera in the SVT basement.
I bought a remote controlled car for the first salary of my life. It was yellow with black stripes from front to back.

So technically, I was an ultra-leftist non-statist back then too... (pun)?

Funny thing?`
The word "Statist" of course means being for more more power to the State, being for Statism, but...
in Swedish the word "statist" is the word for being "an extra" in a movie or at a theatre show,
kind of like how Statists strive to make us extras in our own lives.

An excellent point of observing "but what would happen if we had no decreed laws?" is if you find a place where street light stop functioning.
in my experience, that in every case, yes actually 100%, has lead to people instead intelligently cooperating and as a result passing the problem (crossing) actually FASTER.

No matter how much you struggle for liberation locally, it must be a global liberation or else whatever pockets of oppression you left ignored will certainly be where the scurge of authoritarianism as a concept will pester, re-legitimize and re-establish itself wherever you were supposedly done. All or none.

This was an... "interesting" demo I and some other previously at Occupy Stockholm participated in at the Embassy of Russia in Stockholm.

Before the demo, we met some destitute people that told us they had been scavenging copper to sell in garages, when suddenly they had encountered... Russia's SpetzNaz (special forces) telling them to leave at gunpoint because they were taking cables from Russia (within Sweden).

Then, we held our demo, but nobody from the Embassy came to meet us, so we edged closer and closer, until some eventually literally had climbed the fence and it just turned out nobody was going to talk to us anyway,
so we just affixed our flyers over the Embassy plaque and posed for a few photos.

Look, I know some of my "life story" posts may seem… improbable to some, but think of it like this:
Β· My primary intent is to post things I see happening and for that I need high credibility, so I most certainly would not risk my credibility for some "funny stories", when I already have about a decade of credibility elsewhere (you can guess which for-profit bird-influenced site) so that some even told me they don't even read the articles I summarize, just trust my summary?
Β· If you look at those stories and the details mentioned, would anyone realistically be able to make those up with such detail (a common analysis method is to look for an unlikely level of detail for anything to be ficticious).

I don't know. THIS post would maybe be tha only indication of untruth, but then so be it. :-D
Trust whom you do, that is all of the trust.

I said "Quisling" of the PDK?
Well, here they are in (1) welcoming Turkey's representatives to the front lines just before Turkey invaded Rojava and (2) congratulating the elections-cheating dictator Erdoğan to the latest "victory".

According to (Quisling) PDK-close Rudaw: "US Senator Graham slammed the 'chaotic' US exit from Syria. He wants to see 3 goals accomplished before leaving: disarm YPG, defeat ISIS, contain Iran"
So... backstab, dream reinforced by the backstab and... uhh, what?

RT [24min ago]:
Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer continue to assault people in Portland as the police stand by and watch.

A totally weird conscript-army moment...
All conscripts were called up to do some weird (probably honorary) guard when a President dude came to meet the King chap at the Royal Palace of Sweden,
but as I and three others were on loan to be trained as Quartermasters at the kings "own" infantry/special forces regiment from the "1st Royal Engineers" battalion,
we somehow were exempt from being part of any of it, while still "on duty",
so as a result all of central Stockholm was filled with conscripts even including the archipelago, in fancy "dress-uniform"...
except us four, so the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace had three groups: Honorary Guard with king and the president in the middle, press filling one side and... four detached sergeants at the third side. I was one of the last.

Weeeeird moment.

Imagine a 5 or 6 year old anarcho-hippie-raised kid at a genuine African party dancing as if it was as free as at the northern-Sweden barn-dances, but there probably were like Ambassadors and shit too?
Yep, that's another part of my childhood.

Just in case you were wondering,
the protests in Sudan are indeed still ongoing and seemingly as harshly repressed-
I just have a difficult time re-posting on that topic here, as most of what I see is in Arabic and I don't know that, so would have to rely on auto-translators and due to experiences with some (especially Kurdish and Turkish) languages, I can't trust auto-translation enough to put my name behind the result.... but it is.

When I went to kindergarten, I went by limo…
for some time, because a dad at that time was a limo driver, which went on to work for the Embassy of Nigeria and we went to their (excellent) Embassy parties. Makes following repression-news from Nigeria as adult kind of "yucky"-feeling, in retrospect.

No, anti-Zionism is not "anti-Jews".
Anyone trying to associate the one with the other tries to claim that all Jews are for and represented by a raacist-exclusionary State,
while there are plenty of anti-Zionist activist Jews.

In case anyone thought otherwise... yes, when I ReToot from other places like YouTube, birdsite, Instagram, etc, it's always completely manual.
I have never ever used any automation whatsoever on any "social media" or elsewhere.

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The "Internationalist Commune of Rojava" has asked people to join the campaign against the Swedish companies SSAB (steel) and Scania (vehicles) supporting Erdoğan's illegal invasion of Rojava in alliance with al-Qaeda affliates.

: 1,300 comrades marched through downtown , against the upcoming World Economic Forum in .

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