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Around mid-summer 2017 I experienced a sudden and rapid loss of eyesight, so that I a year later could not tell how many fingers the doctor was holding up at arm-length distance.

Please don't be disappointed if I don't follow your account even if what you post is obviously in line with my interests. I simply can't follow all the accounts I previously would have or they all become useless. As for pure "follow-back", I never ever did that.

I always welcomed tips for content others thought I might have use for, as long as you allow me to find that not the case... without having to justify it.

I may not see messages you send me and that may not be malice. ;-P

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I will probably miss you the rest of my life Erica,
co-founder of a (large) Anonymous-account,
deliverer of medical aid to Syria on behalf of Anonymous just as the war was starting up,
fellow participant at Occupy Stockholm both before and after that trip,
planned co-traveller to join what is now he Syrian Democratic Forces if I hadn't lost my contact with PJAK,
fellow offline knowledge-sharer in information security for online activists,
etc, etc.


Your legacy is a star to aspire towards for all humankind.

A very quick, nice and easy food for lazy/drunk people:
Cook pasta (spaghetti, fusili, macaronis, etc) and while it cooks put a spoonful per person of tahin (sesame pasta) in a bowl, pour some of the boiling water on it to desired "sauce" consistency, add garlic, herbal salt, cayenne pepper, etc as usual to your personal taste,
pour the pasta in when done and then some olive oil to achieve easy stirring and some more flavor.

Cooking time: The pasta's cooking time.
Serves: Yes. Oooh yes, it does serve very nicely. :-)

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A nice experience was was when some that called themselves "the utopia brigade", previously of "reclaim the streets/city" decided to have have half of the inner city Stockholm isle "långholmen" ("long isle") and declared that it "the anarchist isle" for the day.
Seminars, partying, freeshop and general nicensess existed on the eastern half of the isle that we used for an entire day,
including that the police (that weren't invited) simply ASKED to sit in on the events that they desired to, then at least where I was, they waited for us to reach a consensus decision (in that case "no" because someone might feel unsafe, so they left).

It was all super-nice all day and long into the night, until the last people started leaving and some Fascists started arriving, so the police started protecting them while we went home.
Well, the last part was not outs, so you can ignore that. ;-)

Being an outspoken anarchist can open to many unexpected experiences.
I'm thinking right now of a time when I was stuck in the innter-city because the subway had stopped for the night,
so I went to one of the fanciest nightvlubs of the town just to ward off the winter heat,
but only had money for the first srink.

I happened to sit down among a bunch of brat insurance-brokers and started talking politivs as usual.
Sooo... they told me they would pay for all of my drinks at the (expensive place) for the rest of the night if I kept ttelling them about anarchism,
then the place closed and they took me to one of theirs' home for an after-party because they wanted more.
Well, OK then! :-D

More happy (or sad) depending on views was when the police had gotten ordered by the city's politicians (illegal, but you know… whatever) to evict occupy Stockholm,
someone heard that it was one of the cops' birthday so they (I was away) started singing "Happy Birthday" and a significant amount of people resorted that cops carried out the eviction while crying.

More positive was that some cop reportedly told a just evicted person "We found stuff you should not have" while evicting, but that they had just refused to enter any evidence against us.
None of us know what it was they found.
No charges were filed against anyone then.

Yeah, a less fun anecdote from back in Occupy Stockholm (sorry, I many of those, an intense time) was when we had just been forced to move,
a riot-van rolled up and stated probing but I of course told them without any names that they could not evict us "…because constitution… [etc]" but the commander ended with "OK, just watch out for black elements!",
which I genuinely did not understand so I asked what that meant.

I was told it meant "watch out for anarchists", then the cop mentioned as example the person I love the most in the world by name as the one example,
so I just rebuked "I... am an an anarchist" and they drove off.
They just warned a person from contact with another by name on no other grounds than opinions, without knowing any connection at all (legally).

That was of course illegal in very many ways, but they are cops, so they violate everything at their whims.

The avatar I am currently using is me from a documentary that was broadcast on country-wide TV, where I was chosen as a spokesperson (now too long ago to prosecute).

We (the "Ministry of Squatting"") somehow managed to keep mainstream media super-happy,
so we had major media headlines like "The Clean Squatters" (translated),
even though we had such strict media policies that we demanded that any photography inside the house had to be done by us,
so we (anarchist squatters) found ourselves walking around with the State's TV-cameras in our house and nothing being broadcast before we approved the final edit.

They also interviewed the State Security to counter us, but... whatever they do, they apparently didn't do "media management" well.

Things are different in different places, but at least here, opening containers outside apartment stores and taking what they have discarded is absolutely legal.
It's within anarchist circles usually called just "recycling" the discarded stuff.

Most of the time, that's food discarded for having a "best before date" way before the food is actually bad.
Some stores, from my personal experience are even thankful for people removing their discards, so they don't have to pay the "garbage" removal company so just wave and say "thanks!" when they see it.

In one case, some passerby called the cops,
so they pulled up and we were super bummed out about the thought of being jailed, but when I explained that "we are just recycling discarded food", the commander responded "well, that's good. Carry on!", so we did. :-D

What I can tell you for absolutely sure is that during the about 7 months non-stop that I participated in Occupy Stockholm,
I personally lived on nothing but donations and that I never requested one for me personally.

It got so crazy, so we kind of joked about it, like "Just say you need something and, it will show up".
I for example sat at lonely nightwatch and thought of "Mmmm, chocolate!", so I said out loud alone "I wish we had chocolate!" and the next morning, someone donated half a shopping-bag full of luxury chocolates that some store's employees had decided to give us.
Crazy. :-D

I can't recall exactly, but after the first few months of Occupy Stockholm, I think we had like an area of 3*5 meters of just donated clothes in the main tent's freeshop,
on top of most of the tents being donated by passersby/previous participants, all food being donated by restaurants/supporters, the lighting donated by an art project officially ordered by the city, toilet usage donated by the banks we camped outside in protest, etc...

Although I might disagree, some cops also "donated" their personal phone numbers so that the camp could call if there were problems.
That happened once, when a pub we used to frequent came by to trash us and some called those cops "privately" while I was asleep. IIRC, it was officially never considered a "police incident". Well... OK then. ;-)

A good experience from an anarchist collective that I was close to,
was that after they had been raided by the "national" SWAT-team on what of course turned out to be false grounds, they wanted to ease the tensions that the police had created in the community (as they always do),
so they took the always open "freeshop" (a collection of stuff always open to donation, that anyone can take what they want from without anything in return (usually growing more than decreasing)) into the local town square for a few days and it opened to very friendly discussions.
Of course the freeshop grew to become too large during that time, but that was easily solved by donating the surplus elsewhere.

Yeah, that "there is no such thing as a free lunch" is an stupendously demonstrably false saying. :-D

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