"Both of my friends-with-benefits moved to Tennessee. Not like, together, just by coincidence."

"Are you sure they didn't run off together."

"That would make a better story, but no, they actually don't like each other."

My brain refuses to process the Qanon baby in the same way it refuses to process incels. Like, intellectually I could write tomes on the way that cults and toxic ideologies form and replicate and sustain themselves, and how the internet has become the primordial stew which these ideologies and cults are congealing in, but at the end of the day these people could just... not do what they're doing.

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Tired: "Post-Leftism means we should abandon any pretext of being socialists and just be reactionary cuntholes instead"

Wired: "Post-Leftism means we should abandon the left-right paradigm, as a relic of parliamentarism, and move towards a world free of all kinds of exploitation"

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Y'know if 1 person just 1 person blocks bigots, folk might think she's really sick and they won't like er.

An if 2 do it, folk might think they're both weirdos and they won't like either of 'em.

An if 3 do it; can you imagine 3 of us sittin down blocking bigots and carryin on? Folk might think its an organization.

An can you imagine 50 people a day? I say 50 people a day sittin down blockin bigots and carryin on?


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Why bother abolishing ICE when we could simply abolish the border? And if we're already going to abolish the border, we might as well abolish the nation state while we're at it.

@dualhammers Alternatives to each of these products respectively:
- The Movie DB: themoviedb.org/
- Librivox: librivox.org/
- Mixer: mixer.com/
- OpenLibrary: openlibrary.org/
- YACReader: yacreader.com/
- Your local food coop or farmers' market

shitlib: but what if your world without poverty or war has other, different problems?

obviously it will, and we'll work through them. next question.

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