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he gets on my hand now!! and earlier he was cuddling with me and he was like riGHT next to my face just sitting on my hand and giving me kisses, wow i leave him for a week and suddenly boom he’s tame,,, he missed me sm

my bird lets me pet him now,,, he is becoming. tame :’)

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hey all, i owe over 2000 dollars to my university and i need help paying it off. if anyone wants proof, i don't mind showing my bursar to you all. i have to get down to 200 before i can apply for my classes (for the fall semester) anything would help
here is my paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG

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birb is being extra needy today

ow off-season is making me play other games and im playing mario odyssey again and. u know how much control shit i have to relearn???? jesus christ im gonna suck

also i think this is the first time trying to play it on my new monitor and the ui is small as SHIT and i dont know if its the game fucking up or if its my monitor and i cant fix it bc THE OPTIONS TAB IS BROKEN jesus christ im exhausted

like. why is my game options broken???? of all things????? im so confused

i dont want to talk abt my grammar ok idk what was going thru my mind

ts4 is an annoying game bc when i go back to playing it after a 4+ month break is that i have to update origin, then update ts4, then update mods, then figure out why the fuck the game is still broken

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i bet it was a man, they’re all cowards

whoever made up the rule that child support stops at 18 is a little bitch

btw that was asked in ow so not like, actual toxicity just whiny dps mains who cant handle someone standing up to them for once :’)

“why are you so toxic”

well, u see, it all started before i was born,

@gingerrroot i hope things start getting better for you <3

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"Faced with the Western catastrophe, the left generally adopts the position of lamentation, denunciation, and thus helplessness, which makes it loathsome in the eyes of the very ones it claims to be defending. The state of exception in which we are living shouldn’t be denounced, it should be turned back against power itself.


For us there is now only a historical battlefield, and the forces that move upon it. Our range of action is boundless. Historical life extends her arms to us."