u ever just finish a whole research essay 10 days before the deadline so u can play a video game stress-free? bc i do

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just a general reminder that anyone underage please take power of your space

if you don't want adults (or just don't want certain adults) interacting with you, you have every right to make that known and adults should be respectful of it

i'm not sure how many minors are even on here, but i hope y'all are having fun and staying safe

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imagine you’ve spent all day researching hyper masculinity in the gaming community and how that fosters a culture of sexism and harassing women

and then u log onto the great game of Overwatch, queue into a competitive game, and then get harassed that whole game

oh WAIT i dont have to imagine

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why are there still games being made where u can only be a man ! im fed up !

rlly its just bc doing my skincare routine every morning and night is hella therapeutic for me

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@gingerrroot i thiiiiink its 2 am tonight (aka sunday morning) but im not 100%

@cosine im going to community college rn but the depressions are real bad so i dropped all my classes besides one :) good luck finding a new job eventually !!!!! i hope u get out of that situation soon :/

@cosine yeah i think abt like how someday im gonna have to be a Real Adult and then i go back to distracting myself by playing games w friends lol

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