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single player games dont hold my attention as much as they used to :/

will this be worth the inevitable poop in my hair

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he also played mercy for me... what a man

today when i was playing ow someone asked me how many diamonds to be his minecraft girlfriend,,,, and honestly? thats the best cringey pickup line i’ve gotten in the hellscape that is competitive overwatch

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my bird has started to take off my keycaps when im mid-game and cant pet him bc he wants attention

me: lol barnard keeps emailing me
my mom: u couldve gone there for free lol
me: ny is far away tho u would miss me
her: nah i’d be fine
me: ...................ok i would miss u then smh

idk why my family insists on saying that i graduated when i just like. took a test but if i get monitors out of it i wont complain

also they dont have g sync, but im gonna make an executive decision and say it doesnt matter cuz monitors w the same specs but w g sync literally cost double the amount and im not gonna ask everyone to drop 1.2k on some fucking monitors thats just silly

im getting dual monitors for my birthday/“graduation” im so excited

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