how does someone whos from one of the hottest places in california survive in vancouver during mid-february

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she makes me feel so guilty but like momma ur husband fuckin SUCKS bro like get rid of him and maybe we have a deal

anyways cant wait until wednesday!

me, the second i landed: cant wait to leave!

my stepmom: move here pls

me: *counting down the days till i leave* excuse me

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today i stayed in my room and didnt interact w my extended family at all, so it was a good day

i didnt think i would like it but i do !! so thats nice

but also im not rlly that hard to please lol

i wish i could give him a real birdy friend but i dont have the space or the patience for another child

bc birds are children. no one can tell me differently

whenever my bird hears the birds in rdr2 he always chirps back in reply and its so freakin cute

u ever just finish a whole research essay 10 days before the deadline so u can play a video game stress-free? bc i do

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just a general reminder that anyone underage please take power of your space

if you don't want adults (or just don't want certain adults) interacting with you, you have every right to make that known and adults should be respectful of it

i'm not sure how many minors are even on here, but i hope y'all are having fun and staying safe

imagine you’ve spent all day researching hyper masculinity in the gaming community and how that fosters a culture of sexism and harassing women

and then u log onto the great game of Overwatch, queue into a competitive game, and then get harassed that whole game

oh WAIT i dont have to imagine

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