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ema ! @angrycommie@soc.ialis.me

i think i might be gone for a little while

i got new glasses and im gonna make an EFFORT to wear them this time

i read in between skincare steps LOL

also im not saying that against empire or parenti are boring, just that i get sleepy when i read nonfiction!!!!

read a chapter of against empire and didnt get sleepy, thats an accomplishment

ppl always think my grandparents are my parents cuz they look so young

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i sit dormant, a sleeper agent in an anarchist website



i remind you

you followed a tankie

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how is it too hot to sleep in february smh

today was a pretty good day! i played ow basically the whole day, but i did get a chapter of reading in beforehand so :)

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So I'm short about $300 between now and the 15th, thanks to an unexpected emergency. If you have some spare cash, I could really use your help.


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i’ve never been more offended like ACTUALLY i’ve finished high school already tyVM

today i went to the eye doctor and he asked me if i was starting high school soon

this whole baby face thing has gone waaaaay too far

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i love when i predict when somethings gonna crash so i save and then 30 seconds later it crashes

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so we don't have a really any food, and we no longer have food stamps. i'm hoping to go shopping maybe friday before work, or saturday after work

i have like 60$ in my account, and don't get paid until friday the 9th (and even then, i have 500+ in bills i need to take care of)

if you would consider boosting or donating, that'd be lovely.


i have paypal and venmo too for those who want it just DM me

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