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ema ! @angrycommie@soc.ialis.me

btw that was asked in ow so not like, actual toxicity just whiny dps mains who cant handle someone standing up to them for once :’)

“why are you so toxic”

well, u see, it all started before i was born,

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"Faced with the Western catastrophe, the left generally adopts the position of lamentation, denunciation, and thus helplessness, which makes it loathsome in the eyes of the very ones it claims to be defending. The state of exception in which we are living shouldn’t be denounced, it should be turned back against power itself.


For us there is now only a historical battlefield, and the forces that move upon it. Our range of action is boundless. Historical life extends her arms to us."

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If you have a couple bucks spare, I could use a hand. It's not an emergency, I'm just running low and don't have an income.


harassment i guess???? Show more

harassment i guess???? Show more

and yes i know im like 76 years late to the whole oxenfree party but idc im slow okay!!!

it was oxenfree and i finished it in like 4ish days, im so proud of myself

i just finished a video game for the first time in my life wow the impossible has happened!!!

and by children i mean my goddamn pdf’s lmao

update: my children have been recovered

which cop deleted all my pdf’s i will fight

im genuinely upset i had such a collection and IDK WHERE IT ALL WENT how do i do this to myself lmao

its like the whole. file thing and subfiles and all my ORGANIZATION is just gone like poof bye bye

dont ask how i did it bc idek

iiiiiii lost all my pdfs and i want to cry haha

ive been reading nothing but fiction lately and then judging it for having bad politics sjshsjsjsjs i need to loosen up