its sad that even if teleportation ever gets invented, i wouldn't want to use it because iwouldn't want to subjectively die

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ate a double cheeseburger and a egg mcmuffin,accidentally fell asleep with my laptop on my chest,ahhh this is what living feels like

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the default key repeat on computers is too slow. ideally when you hold down a key, it should devote the entire CPU resources to writing that ‘m’ into RAM. tens of billions of ‘m’s per second

death stranding please. kojima give me it right now please. i need it now mr kojima

why would people ever in their right mind take bitcoin seriously as a currency when it is literally permanently deflationary by design?

want to be independent and out in the real world, not suburban soul-trap or university shelter

Trying to find a software dev internship in central or southern california for the summer. If anyone knows of any opportunities, hit me up.

i defo gotta hop back into space station 13 when I get back home for vacation

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"Socialists are winning the battle of ideas"

^This headline gave me an aneurysm

just had to google 3 different words for spelling for just one post. what the hell

with the new tax code probably passing we'll see how hard they can squeeze people until they fight back I guess. I'm so numb to all of this it doesn't really hit me that stuff like this can change my life, especially when i'm still in college

i don't even know how to optimize my code more than it already is. a for loop nested in a for loop nested in a while loop. damn

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