Someone just sent me this, thanks "someone".

(this someone don't want to be credited for this "disaster" <3)


The stickers has arrived! \o/ Show more

Found an example of our guidelines out in the wild ("just be nice!"), though I do prefer the anti-patriarchial slant of "don't be a dick."

~ @wxl

@chr and both have 403 users so we're like sisters now. but whoa can you guys TALK!

The [stats][1] on are rather interesting. Seems like we like to toot a lot (increasingly so) and we're also fairly good at networking with the wider fediverse. 🏴 💨 🕸

~ @wxl

P.S. you can have this for your instance, too, thanks to @wogan


Rolling out upgrades, downtime may happen.

On the bright side, @Famine made an image for when the app web server (puma) is down:

Upgraded the instance. Was down for about 5 minutes due to some incompetence and nodejs stuff.

Also: new error page image, by @Famine mastodon

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