We're know connected with more than 900 instances! (909 to be exact).

Despite not being a huge instance users-wise, I like how we are greatly connected to the wider fediverse.

Thanks to everyone, the fediverse community and our community. Something really nice happens here. 💞

-- @href

@admin @href Is there a way to see the interconnections between all/most instances to have an idea of what the fediverse topology looks like?

@href @admin @wogan Oh, not bad! But I was hoping for a graph of interconnections: who is connected to who, are there any noticeable sub-graphs, etc.

@obny @href @admin Yeah me too, but that information is not published.

I did try graphing my own single-user instance's relation to the fediverse (400-odd connections), and it turned into a mess. I need to find a better way of doing this. wogan.im/media/2yUkG3i8iILtOnB wogan.im/media/xNM2tA_ICTutAgk wogan.im/media/JQNZ6Hs0eZnbpbi

@wogan @obny @href @admin I think there is something intrinsecally bad in these representations: they make fediverse appear as a centralized system.

@shevek Well, yes, my instance is the centerpoint in those diagrams. Those are all charting the accounts and instances that my instance is federated with. @obny @href @admin

@wogan @obny @href @admin I guess is difficult to draw out the real topology of the network.

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