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hello i am a bisexual anarchist of approximately 22 years of age and this may or may not become my primary platform of choice for shit jokes and bad takes

alright I'm gonna keep this account prolly but it's time to see how easy it is to move instances

i really fucking hate 17 year old spoilt obnoxious quisling types

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got hired by Sega to do the ad campaign for the re-release of the Dreamcast

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firstly, to prepare myself for some energizing intellectual stimulus I don my toga, the garment of intellectuals. this allows for ease of movement and puts me in a desirable headspace. secondly, I make tea, the gentle and clever counterpart to the brutish beverage known as 'coffee'

I log on to, and give myself to the bliss that is communicating with other great minds

why does this albin thing seem to be motivated primarily by some kinda weird corporate pan-european nationalism

hoping the new proposal wasn't *meant* to be leaked this early to avoid galvanizing people pre-election as liberal as that may sound

Respect da police comin straight from the citizen/I love cops, protecting my businesses/if you ask me, we need more witnesses

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if your biphobic dm me so i can kick you're ass

I want to see a game where you play as an American conscript the Vietnam War but instead of being an FPS or some shit its some surreal psychological horror/thriller adventure game dealing with the affect of war on the psyche

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A-Infos: **US, black rose fed: Dispatch On Brazil: Interview With Hugo Souza**

"We present an interview with Brazlian anarchist militant Hugo Souza with his opinions on the current situation and advice for leftists in the US. As Brazil is rocked by economic recession, parliamentary coups and scandals, into the void has stepped far right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. Winn…"

#anarchism #bot

What writing system is used for the Javanese language? Show more

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my uncle works at mastodon and he says they're coming out with a quote-boost feature next week

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You know, I think you just might be the dragon to defeat Gnasty Gnorc

lol how is this sander guy a real person

Here is an anarchist website from 1997 on the Wayback Machine if any of you feel like going old-school

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