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Here it is, the first episode of my brand new cooking show.

It has French and English subtitles.

Yo hopefully the first episode of my cooking show will be online today

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Day 9: Precious
Kaskette & Pakaskette lovingly stare at the precious person you are.

Got it back, I'll make two drawing today

No today, I think my sketchbook was stolen :'(

Day 5: Chicken
Kaskette forgot that there's the word "furry" in "furry convention".

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boost if u would date an enby I’m curious

Day 3: Roasted
Kaskette & Pakaskette team up with Akab to throw stones at a grill room.
This is a fiction don't arrest me thanks.

Hey what new video would you like to see on my channel?
Use poll or reply ploz

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