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Day 5: Chicken
Kaskette forgot that there's the word "furry" in "furry convention".

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boost if u would date an enby I’m curious

Day 3: Roasted
Kaskette & Pakaskette team up with Akab to throw stones at a grill room.
This is a fiction don't arrest me thanks.

Hey what new video would you like to see on my channel?
Use poll or reply ploz

Day 2: Tranquil
Kaskette & Pakaskette sit next to the river and enjoy each other's company.


Day 1 : Poisonous
Kaskette & Pakaskette meet a snake.


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BRRRMM, un jeu en multijoueur local asymétrique , à l'esthétique inspirée par la harsh noise
Disponible gratuitement sur PC Windows

My board game prototype got updated:
You can now play it in English and it comes with 8 playable characters.
It looks like shit but it's good! Play and give me some feedback plz

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