Day 21: The End
I'll leave France soon so I won't take the time to shitpost for the next days. Thanks to the few folks who enjoyed my K&P with me.

Day 18: Bottle
Kaskette spends 100 hour a week training his shooting skills.

Day 16: Angular
Kaskette & Pakaskette's new friend has a few more angles than they do.

I read today's theme on a very low-def screen and thus misread it for "wear". Whatever.

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Here it is, the first episode of my brand new cooking show.

It has French and English subtitles.

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Day 9: Precious
Kaskette & Pakaskette lovingly stare at the precious person you are.

Day 5: Chicken
Kaskette forgot that there's the word "furry" in "furry convention".

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