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We just updated Gathering of Delightful Chests, our #visualnovel about impostor syndrome.
It takes around 5 minutes to play , try it!
#gamedev #indiedev

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Time for a serious talk :

It my birthday so
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For science

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Just published RoboCreator, a short cyberpunk interactive story by Michael Hill and @Spica !
Playable on your browser, on your PC or mobile:
#gamedev #indiedev #cyberpunk

My orientation: 33% of myself loves men, 33% loves women, 33% loves non-binary folks.
The remaining 1% is here for me to remember to love myself.

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The terrifying thing with working 13+ hours shifts and having little to no free time is that I begin to understand those who listen to their podcast at 1.5x speed.

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Announcing A Ride To Love, a free Death Grips visual novel
Get the demo and start flirting with Stefan now!
#gamedev #visualnovel #renai #deathgrips

Game concept: a Twitch interactive visual novel. Some choices are made by the player, some by the audience.

I highly recommend you listen to Dungeons & Daddies, a D&D podcast telling the story of four dads looking for their sons in a fantasy world. Anthony Burch is a great DM and all the host are pretty good too, the results is really fun.

I haven't seen many horror movies but I think Sinister is the first I liked, because it has an actual story. crazy right???? right..

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J'étais avec des amis ce midi et on regardais les thèmes pour la ludum dare. Il y avais "fragile" dedans, j'ai proposé un jeux sur les mec hétéro et ils l'on mal pris.

Day 21: The End
I'll leave France soon so I won't take the time to shitpost for the next days. Thanks to the few folks who enjoyed my K&P with me.

Day 18: Bottle
Kaskette spends 100 hour a week training his shooting skills.

Day 16: Angular
Kaskette & Pakaskette's new friend has a few more angles than they do.

I read today's theme on a very low-def screen and thus misread it for "wear". Whatever.

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