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“USAID has funded the Cerrejón Foundation, charitable arm of Cerrejón mine in Caribbean Colombia, to the tune of millions. Its community development projects are a front tied to long history of displacement, violence, and death”

RT Strike approaches as

Evening ends with no agreement for UVM Medical Center nurses

Burlington - UVM Medical Center nurses met with management this evening for another round of bargaining as Thursday's strike date...


RT A valuable interview by Chris Maisano with co-founder Kim Moody, reflecting on how he came to politics and working-class organizing via SDS and the International Socialists, and lessons applicable to today:


“A small group of workers at retailer Target Corporation is demanding accountability from local store managers in the Baltimore area, highlighting issues of discrimination and fair scheduling that affect retail workers nationwide.”

“Then the United States delegation, embracing the interests of infant formula manufacturers, upended the deliberations.”

RT You can read about Americans for Fair Treatment and how they are part of a corporate financed, nationally coordinated plan to gut unions in the wake of the Supreme Court's Janus decision in my article for the latest issue of


2942. Capitalism, Automation, and Socialism: Karl Marx on the Labor Process | “[T]he automation, including robotization and the rise of the “gig economy,” is the historical tendency of the capitalist mode of production...”

RT "It’s morally wrong to be profiting off the suffering of undocumented immigrants, and that is what is happening," Morales said.


RT “Kim Moody is one of the most influential left-wing labor activists of the last forty years. He was among the founders of the International Socialists, Labor Notes, and Solidarity, and is the author of a number of important books on the labor movement”


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