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An interview with Mark Bray: Mark Bray is a lecturer in history at Dartmouth College, and author of Antifa, The Anti-Fascist Handbook. | Against the Current

"The truckers’ strike is shaking Brazil. After seven days of strikes and blockades, shortages of food and fuel are affecting the entire country."

"This Second International Ecosocialist Manifesto, written in 2008 by Joel, Ian and myself, was signed by hundreds of ecosocialists from 40 countries"

The company had sought to conceal the contract through a third-party contractor known as ECS Federal, a company in Virginia. But when news broke, Google began working to calm the nerves of employees and outside critics.

"What is this rebellion and where is it going? What should be our attitude toward it as Americans on the left?"

"Bringing together radical spirituality, Marxist socialism and an ecological cosmovision, Joel Kovel is an unrepentant fighter against 'the Enemy of Nature' — and of Humanity: Capitalism."

The employee reaction was very strong against Project Maven. Diane Greene stepped in, trying to tamp down the concern by insisting... [it] was for strictly non-offensive purposes. ...people weren’t persuaded.

"Thousands of employees have signed a petition asking Google to cancel its contract for the project, nicknamed Project Maven, and dozens of employees have resigned in protest. "

"We felt that the most of the Left had not yet understood the need for an ecological turn, and we believed one should attempt to contribute to such a reorientation."

"Many come from Asia, Africa, and the United States. The school’s mission is to recruit students from low-income and marginalized communities, where they are encouraged to return, after they graduate, to practice medicine."

In November 2012, fast-food workers in New York went on strike and the Fight for $15 was born.

A great thread from our comrade on the “Contradictions of trade” “

"The echoes of the Battle of Blair Mountain, the nation’s largest armed labor uprising, still reverberate throughout West Virginia’s rolling hills—and its classrooms."

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