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The Hows and Whys of Joining Solidarity | What is solidarity and where did it come from? |
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“What Flint residents now demand is that the poverty, inequality, and racism that created the crisis be addressed...”

“The dispute stems from 2006, when a new job evaluation scheme was introduced by the then Labour-run council, with the aim of addressing gender pay inequality...”

“Naturally, Amazon executives sought to pivot talk away from corporate concession and toward business enlightenment...”

“To avoid either recognizing Palestinians as a nascent sovereign nation or a people subject to apartheid within Israel, Israeli military lawyers came up with an entirely new concept of ‘armed conflict, short of war,’ a new category of legal reasoning...”

But despite everything thrown at Corbyn, he and his supporters remain on the offensive.

“Michael Moore’s Roger and Me introduced people all over the world to Flint, Michigan...
Leaving the theater, moviegoers might have wondered, “What more could happen to Flint?” Two new books recount the next chapter.”

“More than 8,000 council workers, most of whom have never been on a picket line, will take part in two-day action...”

“The company’s declaration followed months of mounting bad publicity for Amazon. U.S. workers have been speaking out in greater numbers about the punishing pace of work, high injury rates, and a plantation mentality on the warehouse floor...”

“The whole reason they needed to create these new legal concepts is because they were rejecting existing laws that were created during the 20th century, specifically to regulate this kind of irregular combat.”

The Right against Corbyn... Resisting Tory Brexit... Resisting the far right... Moving forward

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia Have Been Getting Away With Murder for Years—Saudi Arabia’s alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has forced the kingdom’s brutality into the media spotlight. Meanwhile, the war on Yemen has taken a back seat.

“In a capitalist country, the focus is on profits over anything else; in a socialist country, the public is seen to be more important, and social welfare is a major priority.”

“People need to know that ETP not only has the worst spill record among pipeline companies, but they violate human rights, harm people and families, break environmental laws consistently...”

RT “NGOs do more harm than good overall...” Whether you agree or disagree, Paved with Good Intentions is an important resource, filled with well-researched examples that go a long way towards backing up their conclusion.


RT The whole episode is quite revealing. One of its lessons is well known, the thoughtless depravity of Trump and his agencies and their baleful impact on public services.


Still the torture of these children and families continues. In their haste, indifference, and racism the agencies failed to keep records of the names of the family members and where they were sent...

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn entered the contest for leader of the Labour Party powerful forces have tried to stop or remove him.

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