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Hi, call me Roy. I'm mostly here to see if this site is a good place to stay at.
You can find me in other places under the name Cyborg-Lucario (my original fursona who I still use (yes, I can use more than one)), but I hope people won't mind if I share my art here.

I'm also a roleplayer, sadly I'm not the kind who accepts random RPs on chats, I'm more a tabletop RPG guy.

I thought I could have put more for my introduction, but please feel free to ask.

I felt like I could have some kind of drawing done before the year ends, so here's a sketch of Kamen Rider Evo. Ken is a Pokémorph who with the powerful belt Evoformer can become Evo, an Eevee based Rider. He has other forms based on the different eeveelutions.

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This would have been up yesterday, before the last day of Hanukkah, but I forgot about it. Happy Hanukkah everyone!

I'm not Jewish myself, but since I made one of my characters Jewish so did I feel like it would only be fair to do something for Hanukkah.

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I think I'm done with my new commission sheet. And I made a simple (very simple) pic for the occasion.
Gonna retoot this for whenever I'm in need.

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I haven't been using this site too much outside of OCeptember. I would probably use it a lot more if more of my pals used this.

I have been setting up my stream with just a few things left to do. But I will be streaming Monster Hunter World soon:

Let's storm Wily's Castle in 10 and then go back in time to storm Wily Tower in 8.

It's time for Halloween, and the time of creatures such as the werejackal! I'm considering doing avatar icons as a type of commission. They don't take a long time to make, so the price shouldn't be expensive. How about €6 for one icon?

day 30. Let's have an OC meet the creator. I could have had a huge picture with every OC I own, but that would take too much time. Besides, I find it funnier to have my three sonas argue who's supposed to be the creator.

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