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im going to be honest... people who aren't following me should be following me

Watching the music video for Annie Lennox's No More "I Love You's" right now and being mesmerized by the gay ballet guys' arm pit hair

day 6: not every tiefling is a bigshot. some are pumpkin farmers. #inktober #inktober2018 #atieflingaday #dnd

“Tell me a story” I say

You smile and nod

I wrap my mouth around your lore spigot

i open timeline and everyone talking about cum wtf

Hi friends I’m here for the gritty reimagining of “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

Thinking of having the Ghostbusters theme song played at my funeral.

my neck, my back, my pussy and *gimli voice* MY AXE

Cue me suddenly (and randomly) realizing "ultra violence" in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is a play on the word ultraviolet.

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just a little bit about me:
-have never felt good
-brain is made of rocks
-i look like shit
-i will never die
-i will never stop posting

Hey, if I wanted to install your app, I would only need to see the ad once. Your insistence that I see it 20 times a day on Snapchat tells me that 1) you are somehow paying for those ads, and therefore 2) you must be making a fuck ton of money off that shit, and so 3) your app is a festering dumpster fire with ads and tracking turned up to eleven.

In other words, fuck off Tik Tok. I wasn't planning to install your shitty app in the first place but I'm sure as fuck not going anywhere near it now

Hi I'm just looking to some and find some internet friends who share my interests, which include:

A) and
#) and (??)
d) saving lives
; )

Also I roast my own

Finally, here's my dog; she loves you.

Just call me angel of the morning


Just boost my toots before you leave me.

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