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If I see any of you saying something that I even slightly disagree with we can't be friends anymore.

me and the gang exploring the enigma

when the tl is on that prime cowboy dad shit

My first gaming rig was an Atari 2600. Take that, "gamers."

Okay nerds listen up there's only one Cowboy Dad.

*bon jovi voice*
im a cowboy, on a steel dad i ride

"How many tea varieties does your pathfinder character serve in their tea shop because someone is sampling them all in our rp"

(I begin sweating bullets because i don't know how to tell them there's close to 500 variants)

Usually I hate people, but every once in a while a really good person shows up on my radar. Love this so much.

The U.N. building has always reminded me of Scandisk/Defrag

When we we’ve gotta play to our strengths. In I’ve never been good at communicating important information in-game via NPC conversations.

What I CAN do is write an inner-monologue-heavy third person limited chapter of a book of lore that doesn’t exist anywhere except in my head.

Had a slow day at work yesterday and accidentally wrote 6,000 words of lore for my game. Not background stuff either. Actual NPC-perspective vignettes that attempt to shed light on the more complicated plot elements I’ve stirred into the game.

DMing is weird!

That’s not a brag either.

I actually feel kinda guilty about it. A little. I mean, not really but I feel like I should? Being a is like having a captive audience for your bullshit.

when do we have another youth rebellion like we did in the 60s?

woops... eheee... didnt know this was on... heeHeee fuuuucckkkk... ITS MY BIRTHDAY AAAAUGGHH hehe wOOOow its my birthday huhh... hehe... uhmm *kissing noise* ITS MY BIRTHDAY CAN I GET SOME BOOSTS nah I can’t its my fuuuuuuuuckin birthday
nah but for real shoutout... shoutout... FOLLOWERSss aaahhhghAAANngh doing a birthday toot for all... if your boosting it- OHHHH! cant wait to party... *sticks tongue out* boost... *sticks tongue out twice* aeeehh ah aeehh *sticks tongue out*

hey, someone talk to me please

i need it

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