One lesson I've learned in 2018: It's okay to not know where a story is going. Bring a strong character into the first few paragraphs and they're going to take you for a ride; all you have to do is transcribe.

This is why is such a powerful tool for storytelling: If writing is about letting a strong character tell you their story, roleplaying is about developing your character into someone who is real enough that you can both know exactly what they will do and yet still be surprised by it.

Anyway, I'm going to give a try this November. I've written 30,000 words in 2018 so far. What's another 50,000 in a single month? Wish me luck!

day 9: probably magic-y old geezer tiefling with hair i won’t even pretend makes sense. #inktober2018 #inktober #atieflingaday #dnd

the funniest thing a dude can do on this website is post his dick. everyone knows it but no one will do it. its the forbidden move

who boosts the boosters i bet this has been done like 8 million times already but IDGAF

me, juggling 17 different accounts and keeping track of who or what is getting cancelled today and which instances have been declared valid and which ones are not it, chief

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Actually Paul Blart was the name of the Cop, the structure is called Paul Blart's Mall

Finally watched INGRID GOES WEST over the weekend and now when I get a notification all I can picture is her terrible tear-stained face staring at a smartphone in the dark, tapping, tapping, tapping.

i wanna melt into a big strong man's arms, but then look up and see that no, it was donkey kong the whole time

This is the most ominous display case I have ever seen Oh that sounds real good. For me it'd be Chicago deep dish with just as many pepperoni and mushrooms as you can fit on there, and that zesty red sauce, with the zip.

The kind of pizza where, even for a small one, it's so dense that if I eat the entire thing I will be regretting it for six days.

But I do it anyway!

This monster kept me up half the night because of a little lightning. So now she will amuse me by becoming a burrito.

Does anyone else's hand feel heavy when they've copied or cut something and then lighter when they've pasted it?

A couple months ago I started DMing a campaign for a coworker who had been kept out of #DnD by people telling her she wouldn’t like it or that they didn’t want to teach a new person to play with. She is about to start DMing her first campaign and is playing in two more. This is why you invite new people into the hobby, it’s like a pyramid scheme but good!

Very well, I shall do it myself. First song, "Not Gonna Kill You" by Angel Olsen. If sharing this slappin' tune doesn't get me boosts I am happy to languish in obscurity forever.

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