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Bonjour gens d'ici à delà, bisous et câlin d'un dimanche matin 😘🤗
Y'avait un beau ciel à l'instant, vous en prendrez bien un peu ?

"Au total, entre 2011 et 2019, ce sont trente requins-marteaux qui sont morts prématurément dans l’aquarium. Toujours capturés dans leur milieu naturel à l'état juvénile"

Et à aucun moment vous vous dites que c'est tout simplement pas leur place ? Non, on continue pour pouvoir offrir du divertissement, parce qu'il faut du gros, du qui-fait-peur, quelque chose de vendeur.

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The eighteenth commander of USA's illegal torture concentration camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has been fired.
Reportedly the rationale for firing Navy Rear Admiral John Ring from the post was "loss of confidence in his ability to command".

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Rhaaa, j'ai enfin un projet de transcription FR... Mais c'est mini 25h/semaine, et j'ai déjà deux autres projets qui me demandant chacun 10h/s mini, et mon shop de sérigraphie.
Chuis dég.
Bon par contre visiblement je manquerai pas de boulot pour les prochaines années lol.

I wanted to custom a bit our weed box.
I fucking drawn on the wrong side of the box.
This is the story of my life, illustrated. :|

Une autre commande de 30 t-shirts, merde, ma boite comment à marcher ou quoi ?😱​

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For newcomers, I'll repeat that when I cite an article publisher as being "TT",
that is the established abbreviation for the "TT News Agency" (TT being short for the former full name in Swedish translating to "the papers' telegram bureau").

It's a news agency owned jointly by all the major newspapers in Sweden and is also the largest news agency in Scandinavia.
They almost exclusively create stuff in Swedish, which is then published by the actual news outlets while attributing TT... when when I deem something by them to be important enough, I translate it to English for you here,
same as I do from other major news outlets like the public service TV (SVT), public service radio (SR), Aftonbladet (AB), Expressen (Ex), Sydsvenskan (SDS) and many more.

Now you know. ;-)

Can anyone tells me which plant it is ? Mountain/meditarane climate

Which Illustrator's alternative opensourced exists? My usage is mostly SVG conversion and layout/page setup, for screenprinting typons.

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