I will screenprint this afternoon, wich version do you prefer ? Black, white or both ?

Both! If I were choosing for myself, I'd go with white on black.


@Famine Je sais pas ce que je vais faire d’un totbag mais va falloir trouver, take my money ! :D

@tixie Mais y'a plein d'usage :D Laptop, bouquin, BIERES, vêtement de rechange ou pull, et la liste est longue !

@Famine Very nice!
I don''t use bags, but if I did, I'd want to use that. ;-)

@b9AcE (I need to admit that me too, who needs bag when you wear a trousers with 10 pockets, but thanks you :D)

@Famine I always have a backpack. I just recently got this, in black: haglofs.com/gb/en-gb/corker-la
So, no, no need for a textile bag. ;-)

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