Which Illustrator's alternative opensourced exists? My usage is mostly SVG conversion and layout/page setup, for screenprinting typons.

@dashie Ho I don't know it, I will give a try right now thanks :)

@Famine I guess Inkscape could do it but if it’s more paging/layout oriented probably Scribus.
There is other software but they are basically undermaintained or abandonned.

@lanodan Scribus looks perfect for layouts ! Thanks again


#Inkscape might just be what you're looking for. I use it "professionally" without any problem/s.

Here's a handy link to the program's features:


@dabnotu @lanodan I was so used to Illustrator that I didn't think about Inkscape :blobfacepalm:​​ thanks.
I never used it for this purpose, I will try :)

For converting to SVG inkscape is rather nice, especially for black and white illustrations, I had good results with it. You have to play a bit with the settings but not that much.

Not sure what you mean by page layout but if you mean playing with text placement and flow I think it has tools for that (I never used them so not 100% sure)

@emptyfortress All my SVG need to be in black & white, so it's perfect.

Yeah I'm not sure how to translate it... Basically, I print four A4 transparent layers that I tape together to get a A3+ design. What was very easy with Illustrator is that I just open 4 workspace, align them to form a bigger sheet, open my SVG file on it and adjust the placement.
Btw, I'm strongly interest in text placement and modification, since few of my design need it :)

Ah ok. not sure you'll be able to do exactly the same thing with inkscape (when I did something similar I just exported the SVG from inkscape to a PNG file and cut it with gimp or a custom program. There may be other ways now, this was 10 years ago, lol)

Inkscape has extensions available so there may be one to auto cut an A3 SVG file to 4 A4 sheets, it's worth having a look

Hey ! Just for you to know that I've found a nice software to split a design into separate page (

Oh, this looks very useful, thank you for telling me!

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