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What does do?

Using instead of linking to questionable websites directly will prevent your links from improving these websites' position in search engines. Additionally will remove the referer, so the linked website will not know where its visitors are coming from.

How does it work?

• This url is blocked in our robots.txt file, so (search engine) robots are discouraged from crawling it.
• The "nofollow" attribute of the link and the intermediate page give robots another reminder to not crawl the link.
• If a known robot does decide to crawl the link, our code will identify it and serve it a blank page (403 Forbidden) instead of redirecting to the url.
• Redirects are implemented via JavaScript and not via http response status codes so the browser will remove the referer from the request.

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I support the the Republic of Wales, the Republic of Scotland and the Republic of England returning as members of the .

Israeli forces raided (twice the last week) a Palestinian hospital in a brute display of force. This is unfortunately to be expected from a neo-colonial Jewish ethnocratic nation. Militant occupation forces are almost never held accountable for their actions.

“They had long weapons and stun grenades and aggressively pushed and shoved through. They chased the injured youth, who’d been brought into the operating room, when a few of us doctors intervened to stop them… Others then began to roam the hospital and to harass anyone they found, staff, nurses, doctors, patients. There are kids in the hospital, old people. This is not acceptable…Why did they want to arrest the kid? He was bleeding to death and in critical shape, he wasn’t going anywhere,”

"Enough is enough
A line in the sand
Seven or eight thousand people
Killed by hand
They stepped off the edge
They did not step back
If we have not learnt
By now
Then we’re a sham"

P. J Harvey - A Line in the Sand

"The political parties that trade unions fund are far from perfect. But be wary of parties that don’t seek their support, and of parties that claim the mantel of progressive with no base in the working class. Most of all, be wary of the parties that draw a hard green line to stop pro-labor policy. Those parties are not to be trusted."

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Nourseen Salman was born in Sweden while parents with Israeli citizenship were seeking asylum.
Both Israel and Sweden denies now 18 month old Nourseen citizenship, so Sweden has decided to deport her to Israel even though without citizenship that means no health care, school, highly restricted travel, etc. Migration Agency says it's "burden of proof rests on the family to show that it exhausted all opportunities to register the girl". -SR

Would comrades here be interested in Critical Theory tidbits? I'm thinking of sharing some articles and my thoughts about them. But there would be no point if no one is interested.

More by Sklair about envisioning the end of capitalism:

"Is there a non-capitalist
alternative to globalization dominated by the TCC? The answer
begins with the aphorism: “It is easier to imagine the end of the
world, than to imagine the end of capitalism.”

A recent study be Leslie Sklair (2016) shows that the transnational capitalist class does not exist without pulling an effort. He shows that there are social movements that exist for global capitalism, just as much as there are movements against it.

Another section discusses non-capitalists alternatives. Can the practical answer be a network of co-operatives?

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Is it a fact of human life that distance desensitises our moral intuitions?
For example, why is that a murder in another country usually yields minimal sympathetic reactions? Or why the social fact of being a man many times draws us away from sympathising from fellow women? The same can be said in relation to religious or secular categories.

Definitely weird for me, but I'm going to try this being present at two different instances thing. Here's a commercialised cat photo to start. mastodon

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