So, after a long hiatus I’m logging back in to connect to comrades and other people ☺️

I can’t seem to login on my iPad using several different apps though. Is there a server issue?

Today arrived at Communist University in London. Awesome first day.

Is our instance up for a peertube extension? :)

So, after a first weeklong waterfast in November, I'm now in my 72nd hour of my two-week waterfast for December! So far things are going great! :)

Ketogenic meal of the day: 400 grams of sprouts, 250 grams of bacon and half a "rookworst" (a Dutch delicacy, look it up at Wikipedia). Omnomnom 🤤

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So, last week I started a new kind of diet: fasting. After reading a book on the subject ("The complete guide on fasting" by Dr. Fung) and I started on a 3 day waterfast right away. This worked out great: I felt good and energetic, my eczema dropped as did blood pressure and lost some weight (3 kilo's, mostly water).

Last Monday I started alternate fasting: 19 hours of no eating at all per day, to drop my insulin levels and have some fat burning going on, and five hours of eating. Again, I feel great and appear to lose more structural weight now.

I do have some questions though, being new at this. I figured that, when eating, I go for a low/none carb diet. Is that the way to go? Also I could use some recipes, as I kinda default to a meat-rich diet and an overload on proteins can't be good either.

So, I'm looking into again and wonder what's up with them?
- No news on their main site since almost a year.
- Last release (0.9) 18 months ago.
- Documentation outdated, referring to version 0.7 (released 3 years ago).
- Still missing basic functionality, such as sharing on social media.
- On that note: MediaGoblin is (semi)active on Twitter, but doesn't appear to have a Mastodon account.

So, yeah. Is this a stillborn?

60 000 people so far have signed the petition to request a referendum on scrapping the Dutch bill on total surveillance of all communication, called the "Sleepwet".

If you're a Dutch citizen, get us to the required 300 000 and spread the word to friends, family and colleagues!

And... I burned through season 2 of the Expanse way faster than I like.

Damn, I like that series.

So, my new Airpods connect pretty well to my Fedora 26 installation. Wasn't expecting that actually. Some notes:
- Yes, connecting them is really as easy as opening the bluetooth settings and pressing connect.
- For some reason the global Gnome sound bar doesn't affect the volume, at least in combination with Spotify. The Spotify sound bar works fine. The global sound bar works fine in other applications, like my browser. I suspect Spotify / electron weirdness.
- When removing one Airpod from your ear, music doesn't doesn't pause :( (why did I think this would work?).
- The battery life was somewhat of a concern, but is actually pretty good. I'm now on a single charge for two days. Found no way to read the battery level on Linux yet though.

Yes, it's an expensive accessory, but I think it's really worth it. Especially if you're a podcast addict like me :D

Tl;dr for English speakers: the Dutch government wants to have a law to spy on all citizens, all the time.

"Dit wil de Sleepnet wet: onschuldige Nederlandse burgers worden voortaan massaal getapt door onze eigen veiligheidsdiensten. Je facebookberichten, chats, persoonlijke mails en telefoongesprekken worden voortaan afgeluisterd en jarenlang opgeslagen. Niet alleen metadata dus, maar gewoon alles, ook de inhoud."

Had a great evening! The local neighbourhood is threatened with losing their local patch of green. The neighbourhood however says "No! We want to keep our green heart!" ❤️

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